About the 2024 WMFC

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“Uniting the World in Sports, Science and Peace”

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July 21, 2024

Group Stage 21st-23rd

Games and Conference commence.

July 21, 2024
July 24, 2024

Rest Day

Event options TBA

July 24, 2024
July 25, 2024

Finals Stage 25th-27th

Finals and remaining conference talks

July 25, 2024
July 27, 2024

Closing Ceremony
Grand Final

Sunshine Coast Convention Centre.

July 27, 2024

Location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland

“Bring the family down under!”

WMFC Competition Rules

Please review the competition rules document below

WMFF Guidance Document

Please review the WMFF guidance document – if there are any questions or concerns contact Alan Jones: alan@skinpatrol.com.au

September 1, 2023

Team Captain to complete Team Registration

Opens September 2023

September 1, 2023
October 31, 2023

Team Registration Closes

Team registration closes. Deposit required prior to this date.

October 31, 2023
January 15, 2024

Player Registration Closes

January 15, 2024
January 20, 2024

Full Team Fee Payment Deadline

This is timeline description. Please click here to change this description.

January 20, 2024

Day Schedule

soccer, football, duel-1331838.jpg

Football Matches

Games will run from 8am-3pm each day.

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Talks will run from 3pm-5pm each afternoon.

Need help on the day?

Just ask one of our event staff who can be identified wearing the following

Our promise to you:

We understand that travelling around the world for the conference and the tournament is expensive (after all we make the trip each year.) We promise to give it our best effort to make this a truly memorable experience for you and your family – a once in a lifetime trip that is worth your while.

All we need now is you!

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